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Flights And Frankfurt: We’re Not Even there Yet!

After our flight was changed three times since we first booked it in late 2018 (a hazard for using points that doesn’t get talked about much), we had no problem going through security at SeaTac but were a more than a little nervous to see that the previous flight hadn’t left yet. (And no, C-my-sister, we weren’t *that* early). Apparently air traffic control was delaying planes all over the country because of storms on the East Coast(!) Apparently, if you don’t want planes stacking up over Chicago at 4PM, the best thing to do is stop them from taking off at noon in the first place; who knew? Fortunately, ours was not affected! We’d splurged a bit and upgraded to first class, and it was indulgent, but worth it. Even the meal they served (chicken risotto) was tasty, and both of us managed to get a bit of a nap on our way to Chicago.

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