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DC — we’ll have to return

I’m proud (!) to say that we’ve done no sightseeing in DC. Instead, I’ve been sleeping like mad: 13 hours the first night, 11 the second, and 9 last night. I probably would have slept more, but dinner made for a late night and we didn’t sleep in as much this morning.

Dinner was at 1789 restaurant. Located in a Federal style building converted into a series of dining rooms decorated with antiques. It’s a very ‘east coast’ place. The building isn’t actually from 1789, the name came from history; but that doesn’t seem to matter.

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2017 travels have begun

We left home on Thursday to start our vacation a little early: a spa appt. at Cedarbrook, followed by dinner with friends at Copperleaf. It was relaxing and lovely. Totally worth giving up a bit of sleep to spend such a great evening with friends.

Our 8am flight was on time and the only hiccup was a delay in getting our bags at Dulles. Our Airbnb is great: tiny, but all the amenities. There is a bit of street noise (people) because our neighborhood seems to have actual people on its streets. (wry grin) I miss urban life sometimes. J. made a quick run to the store and we settled in for a quiet night.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was asleep by 9:30 . . . and 13 hours later finally woke up. I feel amazing; that’s the most sleep I’ve had in a very very long time. We’re getting a very late start today, and its raining, so I’m not sure what we’ll see, if anything.

Things and Stuff: Starting our Travels

It’s been busy busy busy round the casa lately . . . but we found time to celebrate anniversary #3 on Wed night with a lovely dinner at Copperleaf. Grilled octopus, cauliflower crème (aka soup), salmon bacon (ye gods, yes), caramelized scallops, beef filet and beef cheeks were our mains. No need for dessert. A lovely lady (M.) dining at the next table thought we were charming and interesting, and we struck up a conversation about travel and books, and things. I know have a book (series?) to check out, and possibly we’ll see her again in Port Townsend for a Victoriana festival.

Traveled without fuss on Thursday, ending up at the Hampton Inn outside Dulles airport.  J. old friend Josette and her husband took us out for a lovely dinner at Seasons 52 in Tyson Center. Seriously yummy food, even better conversation.

Now I’m writing to y’all . . . and preparing for bed.