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Hail to Heraklion!

NOTE: My camera’s memory card glitched and we basically have no pictures from our trip until we hit Athens. I may try and find images online, just so you have a sense of what we saw/ are talking about. (And will credit if I do.) But keep that in mind as you read these next posts.

After a long, refreshing sleep, we got our morning started with a gorgeous breakfast (10eu) by Marina: toast with butter and jam, eggs (boiled for me, scrambled w/ feta for J.) from their own chickens, fresh fruit, juice, and a dish of cucumber and tomatoes drizzled with a little olive oil. Sublime and a great start to the day.

Marina offered to take us into Heraklion with her when she went in to do some shopping, and she dropped us off at the Koules Fortress.

image courtesy of greeka.com

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