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Day Ten: Definitely Not at Rest in Ireland


The highlight of the day.

As I said yesterday, we were up early this day to…

… what?

That’s right, yesterday. You want to fight about it, or do you want to read about our honeymoon?

So as I said yesterday… *peer*… we were up early to catch a flight back to Dublin. No problems there, and picking up our rental car was no hassle at all. Now, this series of blog posts has been pretty light on actual travel advice, but here you go, the literal payoff to faithful readers:


No matter how expensive it sounds, it is soooo frickin’ worth it. Hedge damage to paint, dings from concealed stone walls, under-carriage who knows what from innocent looking puddles that conceal 17″ potholes… the look on the guy’s face when we turned that car in after 2 weeks and he saw we had the coverage was worth it alone. Anyway.

We peeled out of Dublin, still fresh in the morning thanks to an early flight, but that’s good because we actually had a bit of an agenda for the day. First stop: Saint Brigid’s Well. Continue reading