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John Catches Up

Heigh ho, Kermit the Frog here…

Anyway. Lisa’s been doing the heavy lifting on the posting lately, but I’m on an airplane with limited options soooo… yeah. When last I checked in, I had been suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Terrence Mc Sherry. Actually it was a racquetball, but what the hell. The end of that story is that we played again a couple days later, once my concussion symptoms had abated, and he beat me soundly until my youthful stamina and vigor managed to outlast him – I stole our last game. Seriously, once he got over the difference in rackets and balls from his squash playing, he was a great player. (And if you think I haven’t heard about the fact that I haven’t updated since that day, well… dream on.)

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Post-Chemo #2

It’s Monday, 5 days post chemo, and so far things are going remarkably similar to how they went the first time ’round. Saturday evening I started getting the achy bones, so I went on Dilaudid right away. Today, no painkiller needed, but I’m quite tired.

I was able to do a bunch of reading for work. Tomorrow I expect I’ll be able to write and get some projects taken care of for the office.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the main girl from about 2 years ago (April 2008).

Puppy Update + John’s Birthday


So in the last post Lisa mentioned that Sasha wasn’t behaving normally at her graduation class and we rescheduled for the next day – we got away with that because the other student in the class hadn’t shown up, so it worked for everybody. Anyway, we went back and our poochie kicked tail. She nailed essentially everything on the first try; it’s funny, there are some things she does better in the aisles of PetSmart than anywhere else. I felt bad for the woman with the other dog, who was very frisky and not so obedient. Seriously though, Otis (the dog) is still a total puppy so it’s not surprising, he knew all the commands he was just terribly wound up. Anyway, Sasha is now certified for Intermediate class, and we’re looking at the right time to take Advanced training. The eventual goal is to take her to agility training at a place here in Kent; not like competitively or anything, just as a thing to exercise her mind. in the meantime, she’s become a proficient frisbee catcher so long as Daddy throws it right and swims as much as we’ll let her in the lake at the park. Basically we have an awesome dog.

*please tell me you aren't putting this on the internet*My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and Lisa made me feel like the cock of the walk; why that’s a good thing I’ve never known, but technically that’s an accurate statement. Buck-aw! The actual day of joy was Thursday, but the days leading up to it all contained little treats, some accidental. For example, one day I got the notice that my work computer was being replaced – the glee this caused only makes sense if you’d ever seen me sit through a five-minute boot-up. I literally had a book at work ( literally? UNINTENDED PUN! :D ) to read during the most soul-crushing of delays. There was cake on my birthday, and cake again on Saturday with my gaming friends along with a neat book of short stories by both local and national authors (it was a fund-raiser for a local artist’s outstanding medical bills). The big treat was that Lisa booked a room at a lovely (pet friendly!) hotel on the water for Thursday and Friday. We checked in and hung out for a bit, then went to the other part of the treat – an early showing of Star Trek at the Cinerama! :) For those not in the know, this is Seattle’s big, old-timey movie palace that also features state-of-the-art picture and sound. It’s nice when a Microsoft billionaire (in this case Paul Allen) takes an interest in the arts. . .

Anyhoo, one lovely weekend later I was one grandly feted 37-year-old. Yes mom, that’s the correct age. :p