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Racquetball Report #3: Toys

I know, I said I wouldn’t keep posting these, but other than Lisa’s chemo this is what I’ve got to talk about right now. Anyway… I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but I play in a league. We get paired up once a week and then exchange calls/mail to arrange a time. There weren’t enough total beginners like me to form our own “level 4” bracket so we got lumped in with the level 3s. From what I’ve seen I’m about a 3.5, but up until now I’ve played 3s each week and haven’t won a game, never mind a match. Well, I played a 4 this past week and now I know how the shoe feels on the other foot. 5 points in to the first game I decided to work on a new serve, she was that bad. Only her sixth time playing, so no offense or anything, she was just outmatched.

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Racquetball Report #1

(Don’t let the title fool you, I won’t post EVERY SINGLE TIME I play… more like occasional progress reports.)

I really like exercising, believe it or not, but I despise working out. I just cannot summon up any enthusiasm for lifting weights, calisthenics, etc… For several years I took kickboxing classes, and they were a lot of fun, but I kinda plateaued / lost interest eventually and since then hadn’t found anything to replace it.


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John’s First NFL Game

Not a huge update, just wanted to share that I went to a professional football game for the first time yesterday, with my new friend Steve “Nazi Kittens” (see the post below). He had a spare ticket for the Seahawks – Eagles game, and I figured what the hell?

First of all, we took the train from Kent and it went perfectly. You sit in comfortable seats for about a half-hour and it drops you off right at the stadium. Even if my public transit pass hadn’t covered the $7.00 round trip fare, the parking would’ve been more expensive than that, never mind the traffic, gas, and general convenience. Our seats were nose-bleedy, in fact the absolutely last row in a corner of one end zone, but the view was still really good; the only thing off-putting was the particular angle we had made it hard to tell how good a kick was, but that’s pretty minor.

Stadium prices, by the way, are every bit as outrageous as you may have heard. I hadn’t eaten in awhile, so I had a slice of pizza and a soda. Goodbye, $10.75. Thank God I don’t drink, beer is $7.75 a bottle, and apparently that’s down from a high of $9.00 last year. Yewoch. The really amazing thing is how many people get absolutely plastered at the game. Who can afford $64.50 on a six-pack??

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A Game Night Recap

(Just to give y’all an idea of what we do for fun. Written by John, posted by Lisa.)

I recently met a new couple that I really like, and they live incredibly close to me. It so happens that another couple with whom my partner and I have been friendly also live close by, and we’ve all said to each other at different times that we should hang out more than we do. So, what the hell, I introduced them to each other and suggested that we all get together. In the back of some of the involved minds is a similar thought: “D&D Group!” But that’s not something you just jump into, so we’re getting started with simpler games first. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve had to host a gathering where a bag of dice wasn’t all I needed to entertain; how’d it go?

I knew everyone involved was a game-player to one degree or another, so at least I had some hints. It also was not a dinner party, so food was simple enough. I peeled and cut some carrots, opened up some great Dorito-like chips for Trader Joe’s, got out some pretzels, and chilled some wine and soda. Simple enough. Now to pick games, and here’s where I made my only serious mistake. The game I led off with was Twitch, a Richard Garfield game that’s sort of a mix between Uno and War (or Egyptian Rat Fuck, or any other speed-based card game you can think of). The thing is, while the rules are fundamentally simple, it’s a difficult game to be any good at right off the bat, leading to a lot of frustration for all but the savviest game players. I wasn’t even that good at it, as it’s a game I’ve admired but almost never had a chance to play. We gave it a few minutes, I took stock of the grimaces and frowns, and pulled it off the table.

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